Following extensive consultation and gathering of evidence,  the Plan has been finalised and in September 2020, was submitted to Cheshire East Council together with a Consultation Statement that sets out who has been consulted and how their views have informed the Plan. This stage is known as Regulation 15.

Cheshire East Council will re-consult, before the plan is subjected to an examination by an independent examiner.


Once any further amendments have been made, the plan will be subject to a local Referendum and if there is a majority 'Yes' vote, it will be "Made" by Cheshire East Council and used to determine planning applications in Alderley Edge until 2030.

The NDP has no powers to block new housing development. That lies in the hands of Cheshire East Council. Their Local Plan specifies where new homes should be built, and if necessary releases Green Belt to build them on. What the NDP can do is say what kind of houses should be built – for example calling for more starter homes, affordable homes or for smaller homes for residents to downsize into. It can call for higher eco standards to protect our environment. It cannot deliver more schools, policing or medical facilities, but if new housing developments are being built then developers are required to contribute to invest in local facilities. If we have our Neighbourhood Plan in place then we will get more money to use in Alderley Edge than if we don’t. So, getting the Plan agreed is very important for all of us.

The Plan also provides support for the businesses of Alderley Edge. It protects our green spaces, sports and leisure facilities. It specifies where the residents would be willing to accept some additional car parking, which a majority still feel is much needed.

Thank you for your time and interest.

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