The Referendum Neighbourhood Development Plan includes a draft vision and 7 objectives linked to the key planning themes of the Plan.  The 20 policies have been prepared taking into consideration the responses from numerous community consultations, various technical studies and local and national planning policies.  Taken together, the NDP policies should help to deliver sustainable development in Alderley Edge up to 2030. A summary of the key policies and proposals in the NDP is set out below with the relevant policies shown in brackets alongside: 



The NDP will:

·      Ensure developers build the mix of housing types that the village needs, i.e. smaller, affordable and          retiree homes - not bigger luxury homes (AE2) 

·      Ensure developers cannot avoid obligations by paying a commuted sum(AE2.4) 

·      Ensure developers build affordable homes within village boundary (i.e. not elsewhere) (AE2) 

·      Ensure developers build high quality homes to high standards of design and eco performance                  (AE3) 

·      Ensure that the green belt gap between AE and Wilmslow is protected (AE2/9) 

·      Ensure that views to and from the Edge (notably from Castle Rock) are protected (AE13) 

·      Ensure new residential developments are appropriate in scale relative to surroundings and retain              density in keeping with locality (AE1/4) 

·      Resist residential development in rear gardens and backlands (AE4) 


Local Economy 

The NDP will:

·      Create a high quality environment for all users throughout the village (AE8) 

·      Support creation of business accommodation suitable for small, specialist and independent                        businesses and enable them to grow (AE5/6) 

·      Encourage visitors to support local businesses now and in the future (AE7) 


Character and Landscape 

The NDP will:

·      Protect green spaces within the village (AE10) 

·      Protect conservation area (AE11) 


Access & Infrastructure

The NDP will:

·      Ensure new residential and commercial developments support a network of sustainable transport            routes and a reduction in car use by providing new cycle and walking paths, and linking to existing          transport networks (AE3.2 /AE14) 

·      Promote accessibility to public transport (AE15) 

·      Support the  provision of additional parking at the Park at  Ryleys  Lane to improve car parking                      facilities in Alderley Edge (AE16) 

·      Improve existing car parking provision and ensure new commercial development does not increase        pressures on existing car parking (AE17) 

·      Support improvements to the station gateway such as providing a cycle hub, additional parking and        a tourist information point as well as new signage to and from the village and its key landmarks                 (AE18) 



The NDP will:

·      Protect and enhance existing community facilities (AE19)

·      Support improvements to Chorley Hall Playing Fields to make them usable for sports (AE20)





Draft Policy AE1: Alderley Edge Development Strategy  

Draft Policy AE2: Location, Design, Scale and Type of New Housing 

Draft Policy AE3: Sustainable Housing Design 

Draft Policy AE4: Rear Garden and Backland Development 

Draft Policy AE5: Encouraging Entrepreneurship 

Draft Policy AE6: Supporting Existing Businesses 

Draft Policy AE7: Encouraging Visitor Support for Local Businesses 

Draft Policy AE8: Supporting a Vibrant Village Centre 

Draft Policy AE9: Landscape Character and Access 

Draft Policy AE10: Local Green Spaces 

Draft Policy AE11: Protecting and Enhancing the Conservation Area 

Draft Policy AE12: Local and Historic Character 

Draft Policy AE13: Key Views and Townscape 

Draft Policy AE14:  Sustainable Transport Routes 

Draft Policy AE15:  Promoting Accessibility to Public Transport 

Draft Policy AE16:  Supporting the provision of additional parking at the Park at Ryleys Lane to improve car parking facilities in Alderley Edge village 

Draft Policy AE17:  Car Parking 

Draft Policy AE18: The Station Gateway 

Draft Policy AE19:  Protecting and Enhancing Local Community Facilities 

Draft Policy AE20:  Chorley Hall Playing Fields