Alderley Edge Neighbourhood Development Plan

The Plan has now been submitted to Cheshire East Council as part of Regulation 15 together with a Consultation Statement that sets out who has been consulted and how their views have informed the Plan. You can read these documents in our Library

Cheshire East Council will now consult with the public, before the plan is subjected to an examination by an independent examiner.


Once any further amendments have been made, the plan will be subject to a local Referendum and if there is a majority 'Yes' vote, it will be "Made" by Cheshire East Council and used to determine planning applications in Alderley Edge until 2030.

What's the purpose of the plan?

The Plan will be used by Cheshire East Council (CEC) to decide whether or not to approve future planning applications in Alderley Edge. Driven and developed by the residents, it is the only way in which the community can have a say in the future of our village.


The Plan has legal force, unlike the older Parish Plan and planners must take it into account. It will be used until 2030.

However, it cannot dictate the target for the number of new houses to be built, or take land out of Green Belt for development, the CEC Local Plan does this.


Alderley Edge is a prosperous community that is attractive to developers, but we cannot assume that their interests will automatically be the same as those of the community. If they aren’t, then creating a Neighbourhood Plan gives us the chance to have real influence over planning decisions and other matters such as:


  • The design, size and location of new housing

  • Parking

  • Roads

  • Walking & cycling

  • Green spaces such as the park

  • Community facilities like the Medical Centre and Library

  • Local economy


The Vision

To promote the evolution and growth of Alderley Edge, whilst preserving our unique village culture, identity and character and protecting the quality of life and well-being of the residents, employers, employees and other stakeholders.

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